Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Panama People protest to release their land

The Cabinet of Sri Lanka decided to release the Ragamvila village land which were occupied by the Air Force in the Eastern province of Sri Lanka. even if the decision made by the cabinet on 11th Feb 2015 , still the lands haven't been released or given to the people.therefore the Panama people protest and demand to release their land back. the protest was organized by the Panama Paththu protection organization on 20th May 2015. more than 100 people took part in the protest.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Panama Paththu Protection organized a meeting with the support of Praja Abhilasha Network

Panama people have organized a meeting in order to regain their land back. during the meeting they have decided to talk to more people in order to strengthen their campaign. still the cabinet decision did not impose therefore the people are ready to come to the street and cry out they want to go back their land.the the people expected to resettle within the 100 days program but still the people are in the same.

District Seminar was conducted at Kalkuda on STP research report findings

The Seminar was conducted on 21th May 2015 at Kalkuda in Batticaloa in the eastern province of Sri Lanka.Praja Abhilasha and NAFSO has organized the event in order to validate the report findings. CID personals interrupted the event when it was going on. however , the event was conducted successfully. the event started at 10am.

People have demonstrated to stop the Port city project in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Cabinet decission on releasing Lands in Panama

The new government has started to work in order to sort out the land issues specially in north and eastern provinces. it was also decided to release the lands under the control of the Air Force in the Panama area in the Eastern Province to landless people in the area except the land in an extent of 25 acres in which buildings are now being constructed.the decision was taken on 11th Feb 2015.

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Air Force constructed buildings and cabanas for tourism purpose
 Praja Abhilasha and NAFSO have worked with this issue since 2011 in order to regain their land back.