Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Nelaveli boat operators afftect by the southern tourism boat operators

A worksahop was conducted on 19th Jan 2016 at Valaiuttru Rural Development Society hall in Trincomalee in the east coast of Sri Lanka.fisher folks and boat operators (Transport tourists to Pigeon Island from Nilaveli). The Nilaveli boat tour operators say that they are engaging in boat tour in six months in a year.meanwhile the southern boat tour operators also come and engaging in the boat tour an it is really effect the villagers income. at the same time the southern boat tour operators are destroying the corals in the pigeon Island and tourist are working on the corals with shoes . it is really harmful for the sustainable tourism. At the same time fisher falks told that they are not allowed to cross the beach areas where some hotels are located. hoteliers dislikes the presence of the fisher folks beach side in front of the hotel. so they is no co existence between the locals and hoteliers.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Panama People met Minister Daya Gamage

A team of Panama people met Daya Gamage Minister of Primary Industry on 11th January 2016 and discussed about their issue. MR.Daya Gamage said that Ragamvila and Sasthrawela Land will be handed over to people but he did not mention when will be handed over. Meanwhile there are some investors are seeking lands in Panama to invest on Tourism. people told as a first phase 36 families will have to receive their land in Ragamvila. 75 families from Sasthrawela will recieve in the second phase. but Now the people of Panama say they heard a news from a government institute officer that the government is planning to provide half acre land for 75 families who were in Sasthrawela and the Land also not in the Sea side. sea side will be taken for the tourism investment. Therefore Panama people have lost their faith on good governance government and people will take action soon to get their own land through people's power.