Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gathering Illegal sea sand at Breakwater of Ma-Oya

Near to Kochchikade, the illegal activity of gathering and taking sand is being carried out in the breakwater area of the Ma-Oya River. This activity is usually carried out by many people during the night, as some politicians turn a blind eye to their actions, supporting this exploitation. One well-wisher has complained to the police and the Coastal Reservation Authority regarding these activities, though no action has yet taken place. Instead, this same person was transferred, so s/he does not like to publish his/her name. This illegal activity decreases sand in the breakwater area, and as currents do not have enough sand to take to the other side, an increase in sea erosion occurs. The government has used huge, stone fences in the coastal area to try to protect the sea erosion from the currents, but the government, instead, needs to stop this illegal activity, otherwise the sea erosion will never cease. Therefore, the Authority should come forward to save this area.

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