Friday, November 7, 2014

Caravan for seeds and Food Sovereignty -2014

On the World Food Week (10th to 16th of October) Movement for Land and Agricultural Reforms , National Fisheries Solidarity Movement, Praja Abhilasha Network , People's Alliance for Right to Land (PARL)  and number of other civil society organizations have organized the ‘Seed Caravan for Food Sovereignty’. This Caravan traveled for 6 days from North to South of the country, mobilizing farmers and consumers on three major themes.

1.       Right of food producers for their resources should be ensured
2.       Regenerative agriculture practices should be promoted
3.       Consumers right to have a safe and nutritious food needs to be ensured

Caravan which aims to mobilize around 4000 small scale producers, culminated in a large gathering of farmers, fisheries and plantation workers on 16th of October in Colombo. On 16th these small scale producers  handed over their demands for a fair and sustainable food system to the Government and other policy makers

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